GrandpaAround 1955, David Kalish, Sam’s (aka Toddy) father-in-law and co-owner of Davis Salvage, opened a branch of the business catering to machine shops, auto body shops, painters and the like who needed good quality clean industrial towels.  They began with only two employees who would sort and cut used clothing or towels into various sizes and lengths .  They bought bales of discarded clothing from Goodwill or “damaged towels” from hotels to cut and re-package.  The business grew by word of mouth and ultimately employed 4-5 lady cutters and a delivery man.

Today we call them “Toddy’s Towels” in honor of Sam who continued running Davis Salvage until his retirement in 2007. Now under the control of Grandson AJ, Toddy’s Towels is continuing to grow and offer a wide range of Shop Towels, Wiping Rags & Cleaning Cloths in Phoenix AZ.

Here is a short list of some of the Shop Towels, Wiping Rags & Cleaning Cloths that we offer:

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* Also available in 2.5 lb. Bags at our location.


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